Polydirectional Rollers

Polydirectional Rollers

  • Transport in all directions
  • Rotation up to 360º
  • Practical for use on almost every kind of material that has a flat conveying surface
  • Optional contact surface materials made out of POM (Polyoxymethylen) or PU (Polyurethane)
  • Designed for use in wet applications
  • High loading capacity
  • Available in sizes 40, 48, 60 & 80 mm diameters
  • Suitable for crossings and switch points where a change of direction is required

Polydirectional rollers offer the freedom to move every kind of flat conveyable material in any direction. Even the heaviest materials like Granite or Marble can be effortlessly rotated and positioned. Polydirectional rollers are the alternative to most conventional solutions of internal material flow.

The variety of useful possibilities is virtually limitless.

We’ll make it – ask us for information !!!

Here you can find our catalogue in PDF format